Get FREE Marketing & More Followers by Eric Zuley


How do you get free marketing and more followers? Join the eZWay Wall of Fame. When you have a profile on the eZWay Wall of Fame you get a points box which we call eZWay service currency. eZWay and eZWay Wall of Fame members offer services on the eZWay Wall store which can be purchased by traditional currency or eZWay points. How do you earn eZWay points? When you follow someone, you share something or you bring something to the table, we add points to your account. Example: Ralf, one of our wall of famers built his way up to 250 eZWay points and then wanted an ad in our magazine. Well he went to the shop section of the website and found that item, clicked on add to cart and then selected the option for purchase with eZWay points and now he has credits to be in our next issue of eZWay Magazine which is a $650.00 valued ad. This didn’t cost him anything accept for his time and putting forth effort in spreading the love. How do you get more followers? Share your profile link and  do live streams bringing attention to your profile link. Earn eZWay points and use them! The marketing you purchase will get you more visibility, awareness and followers. You can use your points for website ads, wall of fame blog posts, live stream interviews, getting on our ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON and larger distribution, getting into our magazine, consulting services and so much more.. GO TO OUR MENU and click on SHOP and try it for yourself. How else do you get followers? Subscribe and stay on top of our eZWay stage and event opportunities. Our stages receive an average of 200-500 new pre-registered tickets and we always have big names! We’ll see you on our next stage!  


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