Culture with Kendra: New Media in the New Age by: Kendra Muecke


Oftentimes we say the mother of all invention is necessity, and necessity is what puts coal in the engine, hammers to steel, planes to flight, and feet to pavement to create more of what we want to see in the world, understanding that with a new day comes a new horizon. This is where the entrepreneur lives… amidst discovery, knowledge, and growth at all times, even in those uncertain. The mettle minded use the tools they have, in the place they are, to buoy further along the sea of success. 

And here we are today in a new age filled with close ties of communication, yet such far distances between individuals. We’ve been stuck at home. I’ve been stuck at home. 

When March 2020 rolled around and regulations about self-isolating were put in place, I had to move my entire schedule online. I didn’t skip a beat though. Maybe, it’s the musician in me mixed with the millennial that signaled it was the dawn of New Media. 

New Media is interesting because it includes all types of media from before on an amplified level, often including a live-stream element. Thus, the emphasis is about creating a ‘brand’ of yourself and solidifying your image as an avatar. It’s the ultimate version of ‘we can’t control what people think about us, but we can influence it’. I find New Media is centered on creating a narrative or timeline throughout the course of your content that paints a picture of who you are am a singer-songwriter, performing under the name Kendra & the Bunnies, and in 2019, I played in various states all around the country. As February 2020 began, I went on a winter tour in promotion of my song release of “Silent Sleeper”. It was splendid to travel around and connect with fans in-person. I find it so cool that folks in Pennsylvania had found me online, and they were excited to come see “Kendra from California” perform. Even before the nationwide lockdown had begun, I was starting to utilize live-streaming at my performances. I would be in a venue playing to 50+ people, and also simultaneously streaming to Facebook. On Facebook, I started getting about 100 views each show. This means for live-shows, I was tripling my reach. 

Then C-19 started. I remember talking on the phone to my parents on March 1 from Chicago O’Hare airport. My dad was telling me to stock up on groceries immediately when I got back to LA. I am glad I took his advice too. I am a bit in awe, how overnight everything can transform. On March 14, my first show ‘cancellation’ or show postponement happened. I switched online, because the music never stops. Since C-19 has been going on, I have played 35 shows and counting online. These shows have been in collaboration with venues, community centers, 

non-profits, and online radio shows throughout the nation. I’ve been virtually touring all around the country via live-stream crossposts on Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, YouTube, and Skype. Yesterday, I played at the Amity Teen Center in Woodbridge, CT, and the week before that I performed for the Coast to Coast USA Cyber Music Fest 2020 based in San Antonio. You can watch the Amity Teen Center show here. 

It’s all about perspective, and a beneficial perspective for now: is seeking one’s renewed purpose via online and New Media broadcasting. We are all collaborating in this together. It’s time to be heard, because there are people at home looking for guidance from leaders. We ask you to make that podcast, launch your live show, or blog boldly. Your voice is important. With the EZWay Community, we have access to the brightest minds in the world and the most dedicated individuals for creating purpose in Hollywood and beyond. Time to virtually connect. 


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