Getting Off the Hamster Wheel of Fear! by David and Joanna Hairabedian


Have you unwittingly become addicted to the hamster wheel of panic, fear, and stress during this pandemic? 

It would be easy to do, with the constant media blasts of fear, doom and gloom.  They have created an unhealthy atmosphere, negatively affecting the emotional well-being of the public in the name of “keeping you safe”.

When people operate in a constant state of fear, their bodies respond to the fear emotion.  The fear emotion releases negative hormones like too much cortisol, which in turn can lower your immune system.

Today we’re going to help you come out of agreement with fear, doom and gloom with some practical applications.

The Power of Declaration:

There is nothing more powerful that the words of your mouth. Words are like a knife and carry energy.  Negative words have been spoken at you from various sources. 

Now, with the power of your own words, you are going to break off fear.

Declaration: Say loudly with emotion (this is key). “I come out of agreement with fear.  I renounce accepting it through various sources and reject it. I take authority over fear and command it to leave and be completely dissolved in the power of love.”

Do Breathing Exercises

When we’re in fear, our breathing can become shallower and we aren’t breathing properly.  Breathing is an excellent way to calm down the body and the mind.  If you’ve been in a place of fear, you have to retrain yourself to come out of it.

Take a deep breath right now.  Breathe into through your nose, letting your belly fill with air.  Hold for three seconds.  Slowly exhale through your mouth. As you are exhaling allow all the negative energy to release out of your body. Repeat this a couple of more times. Do this three times a day and notice the results.

De-escalate a Stressful Situation

During this time with one or both parents at home or having to homeschool, tensions can be high.

To deescalate a stressful situation, before you speak, try counting to ten and be silent. Take a deep breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, allowing the body to unclench. Then make your statement or choose to walk away to calm yourself down. Allowing you  and the other party to cool off.

Time to walk in faith instead of fear.

***David, a critically acclaimed author and marketplace minister,  and Joanna,  a gifted singer, songwriter, and Ms. America 2019-2020, were divinely brought together in marriage and are known as “The Power Couple”. Their unique individual gifts come together in synchronicity and harmony when they minister and work together to help transform lives.


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