A New Era- Time for Reset! by David and Joanna Hairabedian


People around the globe are experiencing a Coronavirus quarantine, the rollout of 5G networks, and life inside their home with family.  It appears a new era was ushered in, and life as we knew it, suddenly changed! The question is: What will you do with this gift of quarantine?  We suggest three things that will empower you to emerge stronger, refreshed and fully prepared to do wonders!

  1. Take the Five/Twenty-Five Challenge (30-60 minutes). Now is a time to set new goals. A simple technique we recommend is to write down your top twenty-five goals you would like to accomplish.  Then, prioritize these in order of importance, with #1 being most important.  Next, circle your top five and strike out the rest. The five circled goals are what you must focus on until accomplished. The other twenty are distractions.  Free download of The 5/25 Rule available: www.QueenofCoaching.Online.
  2. Research 5G networks – We are living in a whole new world. The 100x speed of 5G networks and the technologies being developed are both wonderful and alarming. 4G networks currently host approximately 10,000 connected devices per square mile.  5G networks will empower 3 million devices per square mile.  That’s 300 times more exposure to EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) and non-thermal radiation for all of us. 

To learn more about EMF’s, we recommend a two-minute video. “Generation Zapped” https://vimeo.com/221492864. To help guard against this unavoidable exposure, we suggest a good EMF protection disc for your mobile device and obtaining EMF protective jewelry for this brave new world.  We recommend scientifically tested and proven products from www.TheZorb.com  Zorb offers 20 percent off with code: EZ20.

What does this new influence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) look like? Smart homes and cities all inter-connected with 5G. The matrix. Telemedicine and remote surgeries. Chatbots with avatars that appear like real people answering questions, instant blogs and books created from your podcasts and videos for you, as well as, virtual product placement in your live and recorded broadcast for sponsors. You can cash in if you properly position yourself.

5G Surveillance (both protective and invasive) will also spike with video cameras on every corner (and rooftop) of your city.  The benefits and opportunities are numerous, so are the potential dangers. Do your research.

  1. Mind, Spirit, and Body. Take time to rest, reset and realign your mind and spirit, as well as 

your body to emerge refreshed and ready! In addition to private time in these areas, we suggest an online resource that helps you grow and empower your spirit, in the new 5G data-centric world. For five years, Joanna and I saw what was coming. In preparation, we built a Virtual Church platform to help meet people’s mental and spiritual needs. Visit our platform for downloadable motivational books and teachings, podcasts, music and online TV. www.VirtualChurchmedia.com

David, a critically acclaimed author and market-place minister,  and Joanna,  a gifted singer, songwriter, and Ms. America 2019-2020, were divinely brought together in marriage and are known as “The Power Couple”. Their unique individual gifts come together in synchronicity and harmony when they minister and work together to help transform lives.



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